Cotton – La marmaille textile


  • Natural cellulose textile fiber constituting the seminal hairs which grow on the surface of the seeds of the cotton plant.
  • Fabric that is made with these fibers.

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Fiber qualities

Cotton fiber is very popular because:

  • it is an inexpensive textile fiber;
  • the textile obtained is soft and comfortable;
  • the softness of cotton and the possibility of sanitize make it a preferred textile for baby clothes;
  • she is hypoallergenic (very little allergenic);
  • cotton is very healthy for contact with mucous membranes (other fibers promote maceration and therefore the appearance of fungi);
  • cotton has good air permeability: it allows skin respiration to take place;
  • cotton is flexible thanks to the fact that the fibers are twisted (they can stretch 5 to 8%).

It can be subjected to various treatments:

  • we can mercerize (make shiny using soda);
  • he easily takes them tinctures ;
  • you can easily print its surface;

It is easy to maintain:

  • it is easy to wash;
  • white cotton can be boiled;
  • it can be ironed with a hot iron;
  • we can dry clean .

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