Jersey (Lycra cotton) – La marmaille textile

Jersey (Lycra cotton)

Jersey (Lycra cotton)

Jersey is a fabric which has a natural elasticity thanks to the mesh knitted (stockinette stitch) even if the thread used for knitting has zero elasticity 4 .

Contrary to warp and weft fabrics , jersey fabrics do not fray on the raw-cut edges.

Jersey fabrics have a tendency to roll off the raw-cut edges. It is for this reason that they are hemmed .

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4.Technical Bases

Jersey is a stitch . This literally means that it is a yarn that is knitted, like the knitting of your favorite big sweater, but with another raw material and of course on other needles! Jersey is therefore a type of fabric and not a material. To put it simply, the basic yarn can be wool, cotton, or any other type of synthetic fiber. Vigilance therefore, when we say Jersey, we don't say everything. It is imperative to specify the material!

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