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The main types of yarn [ edit | modify the code ]

Many threads can be used for to sew . Each of them has different characteristics and therefore a specific utility. Thickness, resistance, softness and material used are all characteristics to take into account before choosing the most suitable yarn for a successful job.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the main textile yarns used in sewing :

  • Wire of cotton : soft and firm, it is mainly used with fabrics of cotton . It adapts easily to light fabrics, but it is not recommended to combine it with elastic fabrics, the stitches can break.
  • Wire of silk : thin and elastic, it is very resistant hence its use on fabrics delicate.
  • Metallic thread (or rayon): synthetic thread surrounded by metallic fibers, it is generally used for decorative seams.
  • All purpose wire: as its name suggests, this thread can be used with all kinds of fabrics. Blending cotton and polyester , it is a good quality thread that can be used to make clothing , but also articles of furnishing fabrics.
  • Wire polyester visible seams: this thread of polyester is thicker and is used for exposed decorative seams, but also buttonholes.
  • Building wire: wire entirely in cotton and very fragile, it is used for making temporary seams (building). Fragile, it breaks easily which allows it to be removed without damaging the fabric .

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