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Terms of service


1.All of our images on our website or on Facebook are copyrighted. It is therefore forbidden to save and use them.

2.You are responsible for inspecting your fabrics within 5 days of your receipt. In case of problem, you must contact us by email at lamarmailletextile@gmail.com The fabric should not be washed or cut.

3.We are not responsible for any problems related to the care of your fabrics. You need to make sure you know the fiber of your fabrics and the optimal way to care for them in order to keep them intact.

4.When the parcel is delivered to you, it will be your responsibility to follow up to avoid loss or theft of the parcel.

Reward points:

All feedback has been given. If not, write to us.
Make a purchase
Every $ 1 in purchase equals 5 points.
($ 2 = 10 points, $ 3 = 15 points etc.)
The number of points is adjusted when the order is paid.
Create an account
Points provided: 250 (If your account is already created, send me a message and I will add your points.
Visit the online store once a week to get the points.
Points provided: 25
$ 5 off
Cost: 1500 points
$ 10 off
Cost: 2500 points
No exchange or refund of a reservation.
You must mention in your next order, in the comments, that you want your reservation, the invoice number of this one and pay the delivery costs if applicable.
Easter promo 2021:
Discount codes are confidential and for one-time use. One use per client. Codes used several times for the same customer could be refused when entering payment.